Marvelous aka immrmarvel is the Hottest in NYC

Marvelous is here to stay. Marvelous also know as immrmarvel has been taking over 20201 and the year has just started. Even though the Co-vid pandemic has shut down most of the world, Marvelous continues to work hard on his music career.

Marvelous has just release a new project called “Tides”. When asked why he named it Tides Marvelous said “It’s like the Tides in an ocean. Basically representing the way I switch flowers throughout the song.” The project is currently streaming on all platforms and is blowing up the charts.

“That’s a Given” is his Hit record on this project. From the words to the way he rides the instrumental, you can feel the passion in this song. His upbringing in the Bronx, NY gave him the experience to make music based on this past and future lifestyle.

We asked Marvel what he feels about the state of Hip-Hop today. Marvelous responded with “Hip Hop is and will always be great. It is the best form of expression. I don’t care if you make hardcore Hip Hop or Emo Rap, there is a message behind those words and I love to try to hear and decipher people feelings”. His clear passion for music shows through his actions and words.

Marvelous aka immrmarvel believes there’s way more in store for him. He has acted in commercials and wishes to pursue his acting career further. Marvelous considers himself a jack of all trades. He also wants to travel the world and see what life has to offer.

Marvelous will continue to strive and work hard for his fans. He appreciates every person that supports him and even the haters. Marvelous will never stop making music and doing the things he loves. If you are a fan or new to him you can follow him all over social media @immrmarvel

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